Cliff Ogleby

Address:        Department of Geomatics
The University of Melbourne
Victoria 3052
Telephone:   +61-3-9344-6754
Fax:   +61-3-9347-2916
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Mr. Ogleby graduated from The University of Melbourne in 1976, and worked around Victoria as a government surveyor for four years. He also obtained his Licence during this time. During his final year project at University he studied some applications of terrestrial photogrammetry in the recording of archaeological sites, in particular rock painting sites. He then attended a series of summer school programs operated by the Victoria Archaeological Survey (as it was known) giving him a background in archaeology. This was to lead to a 20 year involvement in using the techniques and technologies of geomatics in the recording, documentation and analysis of cultural monuments around Australia and internationally. In addition, the documentation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander sites brought him into frequent contact with indigenous people, and gave him an insight into alternative ways of viewing and interpreting the land. He is a member of a variety of societies dealing with archaeology and culture, as well as geomatics, and he has chaired international working groups dealing with photogrammetry and cultural monuments. More information on the projects he is currently involved in can be found in his home page.